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One Simple Tooth Costume, 8 Punny Variations

By October 18, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
one simple tooth costume

If you’ve been brainstorming Halloween costume ideas and coming up short, maybe we can give you a little inspiration? These cheap, easy and easy(ish) Halloween costumes for kids all start with a tooth (we’re Brooklyn pediatric dentists, after all). Buy the tooth, make the tooth…we’ll give you options for both. You can stop there or add a few extra touches to create different punny costumes. 

Let’s start with the tooth base. 

Pick your poison:


  • I’ll just buy it 

Try this tooth costume for kids.

  • I want to keep it super easy

For a simpler version of the tutorial below, cut a large tooth shape out of a cardboard box and paint it white. Cut straps out of elastic, twine or ribbon and attach them to the tooth, so your child can wear it.

  • I’m willing to track down a supply or two

Follow this tutorial for a polished but low-maintenance look.

  • I want to give it some drama and I have basic sewing skills

All about DIY Halloween costumes for kids? Take it to the next level and craft it out of pillows with this how-to video from Colgate. 

Choose your variation:


  • Sweet tooth

We love this teeth-related Halloween costume from Studio DIY. Have your kiddo carry a big lollipop or other piece of candy and, suddenly, they’re a sweet tooth. Or, if they want to get a sibling or friend in on the costume, make the candy necklace too. 

  • Dental crown

When it comes to dental Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get much easier than this one. Give your child a crown to wear and, voila, they’re a dental crown. 

  • Canine tooth

Canine teeth, or cuspids, are the pointy teeth next to the incisors. To transform your child into a canine tooth, have them put on some floppy ears and use Halloween makeup to paint dog features onto their face. 

  • Eye tooth

Speaking of canine teeth, the upper canines are sometimes referred to as “eye teeth.” Turn your little tooth into an eye tooth by drawing an eye directly on their costume or by cutting the parts of an eye out of felt and gluing it on.

  • Wisdom tooth

Here’s another easy DIY Halloween costume you can make with things around the house. Take your child from regular tooth to wisdom tooth with accessories like glasses, a faux beard, a gray wig, an encyclopedia or dictionary, and anything else that screams “wise.” 

  • Baby tooth

What’s more adorable than a baby tooth? Your child dressed as one! Complete their tooth costume with onesie pajamas worn underneath. a bottle, a pacifier and a diaper (throw on an actual diaper over their outfit or make one out of a white t-shirt). 

  • Tooth Fairy

Give the standard Tooth Fairy costume a punny twist by combining your child’s tooth get-up with fairy touches like a wand and tutu. 

  • Toothbrush

No list of dental Halloween costumes would be complete without a toothbrush. Go low-effort (but funny) by giving your child a hairbrush to carry. You can also take the DIY route by creating a frame out of cardboard for your child to wear on their head and attaching straws or pipe cleaners to serve as bristles (here’s some inspiration). 

Happy Halloween From Bitesize Pediatric Dentistry!

If you try one of these Halloween costume ideas for kids, tag us on social. We’d love to see it! And to keep your child’s actual teeth healthy, follow these tips for a smile-friendly celebration. Or schedule a visit for your child at Bitesize Pediatric Dentistry in DUMBO, Park Slope or Williamsburg, Brooklyn!


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