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Meet The Bitesize Gang


Brave Biggie

Benji is super brave. He once tried spinach toothpaste and he doesn’t even sleep with a nightlight. But, even someone as brave as Benji gets scared in new situations. It’s just because he doesn’t know what to expect. That’s why Benji made sure he was prepared for his first visit to the dentist. He read books about going to the tooth doctor and he brought his trusty teddy bear sidekick along with him to the appointment. Now, he loves swinging by Bitesize to keep his smile strong.

LIKES: Brushing away mouth monsters, comic books, superheroes


Inquisitive Izzy

Izzy is really curious and she loves getting to the bottom of things. From figuring out the best kind of toothbrush to use to solving real mysteries like the time the Tooth Fairy’s wand went missing (she accidentally left it on the subway), Izzy’s there to crack the smile case. She asks tons of questions and follows the clues until she has her answers.

LIKES: Incredible oral health, Harriet the Spy, mysteries


Thoughtful Tank

Theodora might look very serious but she’s really just lost in thought. She’s constantly thinking of others and likes doing nice things for people. That’s why she makes sure her younger siblings brush their teeth before they go to bed every night and she keeps the rest of the gang fully stocked with dental floss. When she’s not dreaming up ways to improve the smiles around her, she’s usually busy taking tap dancing lessons. You should see her fancy footwork.

LIKES: Tap dancing, volunteering, squeaky-clean teeth


Easygoing Eric

Everett is a laidback guy. He laughs, smiles and jokes around a lot. He might not take himself too seriously, but there is one thing he’s serious about and that’s caring for his mouth. After all, he doesn’t want cavities getting in the way of having fun or showing off his grin. He brushes his teeth every morning and night, flosses once a day and goes to the dentist for checkups. That still leaves him plenty of time for his fledgling standup comedy career.

LIKES: Electric toothbrushes, knock-knock jokes, beach vacations


Shy Sabrina

Sabrina’s quiet. She’s what you’d call an introvert. She wants to be an author when she grows up. She practices by writing stories for the gang about a group of talking teeth who go on adventures around the world. She’s really proud that the school newspaper published a few of her tales, including The Incisors Take on Indiana, Molars in Morocco and The Canines of Monte Cristo.

LIKES: Strawberry-flavored toothpaste, Shel Silverstein, her notebook


Imaginative Ivan

Ivan is all about innovation and creativity. He loves finding new, better and more fun ways to do things – kind of like his buddies at Bitesize. Whether it’s writing two-minute songs on his guitar to brush his teeth to or dreaming up gadgets that dentists will use in the future, Ivan’s imagination is always at work. He’s hoping to win the science fair this year with the world’s first flossing robot.

LIKES: Inventions, playing instruments, making oral health fun


Zippy Zelda

Zippy Zach is a real go-getter and he has a lot of energy. He plays tennis, he’s on the debate team and he has hobbies galore like making origami zoo animals and going to the park. Even though he’s busy zooming from place to place, he brings a travel kit with him that has a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and dental floss in it, so he always has time to get his teeth sparkling clean.

LIKES: Zapping plaque, his day planner, sports


Enthusiastic Eddie

Edwin is enthusiastic about having healthy teeth and gums and making sure his friends do too. In fact, his pals can’t get away with eating sweets in front of him without brushing their teeth after, but they always thank him when they have another cavity-free dental visit. He recently started a club called Edwin’s Enamel Enthusiasts. The secret password is “emu earmuffs” said three times fast.

LIKES: Encouraging his friends, fluoride treatments, holidays